Danish-Chinese Business Forum is an independent, non-profit, executive network organisation that aims to strengthen commercial ties between Denmark and China.

Established in 2005 by leading Danish companies, Danish-Chinese Business Forum has gained recognition from both Chinese and Danish official side.

Danish-Chinese Business Forum aims to create a professional network forum for executives doing business with China as well as creating a professional platform for Chinese officials and executives visiting or setting up a base in Denmark.

Danish-Chinese Business Forum counts more than 700 executives from all levels and sectors of commerce. The Forum covers a variety of businesses and organisations from large scale corporations to small-size business – all with a shared interest to succeed in China.

Sharing opportunities, knowledge and expertise, Danish-Chinese Business Forum helps you build your China network, furthering your chances to succeed.


Danish-Chinese Business Forum

Address: Tingskiftevej 5,

DK-2900 Hellerup

Phone: +45 33 32 97 78

Mail: info@dcbf.dk

CVR: 29 05 16 31

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