China Facts: Robots!



China fact, did you know that Europe is the second-largest manufacturer of robots, after Asia. In order to be competitive on the international market, Europe must rely on its innovation potential. Universal Robots, which used to be a Danish owned company, produces collaborative robots called cobots. These cobots are more flexible and a lot less expensive and they work with humans, not for them. Setting them up is also less complicated. Universal Robots claims to have a 60% share of the cobot market*). Researchers at MIT are now pushing the cobots a step further by providing the cobot the ability to read brain signals related to error-related signals by the brain when a mistake is made**). Europe has a long history for Co-opetition (corporation and competition) between universities and industry which is an advantage particularly compared with Japan but less so with regard to China.


*) 13 issue July 2017













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