China Facts: The Importance of China to Danish e-trade

In 2017 the Danes e-traded what equated to 123 bn. DKK on goods and services, 41 bn. DKK of which was used in an foreign owned net-shop. 14 bn. DKK were spend on goods from abroad and this figure in fact exceeds the physical cross-border trade. One of out every fifth purchase in 2012 was made in a foreign e-shop, and this number was increased to one out of every third purchase in 2017! This development is increasing fast and in particular from Chinese e-shops. Last year Denmark received 10 million shipments alone from China, which equates to 27,397 parcels every day during the year. China has the advantage – due to an international postal agreement from 1874, which stops in 2021 – that they are exempt from VAT on goods which costs less than 80 kroner. *)   




*) Berlingske Opinion Business 19 May 2018










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